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July 5, 2021
By Chris Yadv

EDDM Examples To Heighten Your Small Business Growth

EDDM Examples To Heighten Your Small Business Growth

Nowadays, every small business needs to invest in smart and different marketing tactics that help them to reach their targeted customers. Moreover, they wish to use those marketing practices quickly that are cost-effective, reliable, and efficient for their business. With so many small businesses coming up in the US, you would want to know how to get an edge over your competitor.

However, one of the most effective ways to do this is by investing in EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) mailing. Let us explore EDDM, the importance of EDDM, its impact on small businesses, and small business EDDM examples in this blog.

What is EDDM Mapping & Mailing?

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a USPS service that allows business owners to send direct mail to their target customers throughout the United States. This method uses the ZIP codes and US Census data to reach out to the intended customers.

Positive Effect of EDDM for Small Business Through Examples

To understand the importance of EDDM, you need to know how it contributes to a small business. Below are some essential benefits along with EDDM examples, that will give you an insight into this amazing marketing and branding strategy.

⇒ Build Brand Awareness and Appeal

First and foremost, the biggest advantage of EDDM is to build brand awareness and appeal for a small business. They use various innovative postcard designs, locations, and descriptions of the target audience to reach clients.

For example, if you are opening a professional cleaning business, EDDM will give you a platform to introduce yourself to your potential customers. A postcard can introduce your business, services, their costs, how to get it, and what makes you different from your competitors.

⇒ Reach To Large Audience

The second biggest advantage EDDM has over other marketing tactics is that you can reach a huge audience who fits your ideal client description. You are allowed to send almost 5000 EDDM postcards per day in each zip code.

For example, a professional janitorial company starting a new branch in another city can use EDDM to reach prospective customers. The janitorial service can present themselves to the locals, stating their services, experiences, older-loyal clients, and discounts to join them on their inauguration day.

Note: Read more about janitorial service marketing ideas.

⇒ Cost-Effective

Small businesses don’t have huge funds for marketing. Hence, they look for cost-effective options that can get results without breaking their banks. Luckily, EDDM USPS mail Flats costs as low as $0.164 per piece for a 3 ounces package.

For example, for a commercial cleaning business that is looking for a way for a marketing plan to get more customers within the budget, then EDDM is what you need. You can reach up to 5000 people under $500 and if you combine digital marketing with it will bring great results for less money.

⇒ Increase Your Customer Base

Many businesses depend on either mailing lists and conduct physical or online surveys to get the address of their likely customers. Instead, use EDDM’s mailing data to get the addresses of the customers without any hassle.

For example, a carpet cleaning company can use the portrait of your ideal customer and use this information to send mail via EDDM. It contains information such as household income, size, age, gender, etc. The EDDM will sort out clients who fit this description and send the mail to all of them.

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What is The Process of EDDM Mailing?

♦ Make or Employ An Existing USPS Account

A local business can log on to USPS.com and make your Every Door Direct Mail-Retail® mailing account. To use EDDM Retail service, you need to send at least 200 mails and are allowed to send up to 5000 mails a day as per your ZIP Code.

♦ Choose The Neighborhoods & Target Customer Base

Select the neighborhoods you are targeting in the EDDM Online Tool. Here, you can choose the minute demographic details of your customer like the age, size of the household, income, and gender (if needed).

How to Use the EDDM Online Tool?

  • Start by searching the full addresses, city/state, or Zip Code of your audience.
  • Click on Show Table to see various routes of the neighborhood in detail.
  • At this point, you can put in filters of your intended customer using categories such as route, residential, commercial, cost of service, age, size, income, etc.
  • The EDDM Tool will show you a range of neighborhoods that meet your filters. Now, you can select the ones you plan on targeting. You can choose one or multiple mailing routes for the same mail.
  • Lastly, go through your Order Summary and then you can either save it or continue with the process.

Design Your Post

The first impression the client gets is through the design of the post. You can do it yourself or hire designers for a professional and aesthetically pleasing design that can garner everyone’s attention.

Choosing The Printing, Mailing & Payment Option

The next step is to decide the number of prints of the post you want and which mailing routes you want to send these posts. With this select the send-off date and the payment option to start the EDDM process.

♦ Print Mails & Prepare The Mailing Package

After you pay for the services, on the Order Confirmation screen, you can view and print all the required Postal Services processing forms. Further, print the correct EDDM facing slip and stick it to your mailing package.

♦ Ship Your Mailing

In this last step, the mailpieces will be delivered to the addresses on the selected neighborhood routes.

A Guide on Layout & Sizes of EDDM

We are sure as a business owner or a marketing manager, you may not always know the sizes of postcards for Every Door Direct Mail. Besides the sizing, the weight and dimensions also affect the campaign and mailing cost. So, here is a guide that will help you size your EDDM to perfection.

The USPS states that all the postcards mailed through Every Door Direct Mail should meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum Size: The postcard should be higher than 6 ⅛ inches or longer than 10.5 inches on one side.
  • Maximum Dimensions: None of the sides should be longer than 15 inches or higher than 12 inches.
  • Weight: The postcard shouldn’t weigh more than 3.03 Ounces (oz).
  • Thickness: The postcard should be thicker than 0.007 inches but less than 0.75 inches.

Widely Popular Postcards Sizes In The Market

Widely Used EDDMSize in Inches
Standard6.25” x 9”
Large6.25” x 11”
Jumbo8.5” x 11”
Oversized12” x 15”

Widely Popular Postcards Layouts In The Market

a) Landscape

Landscape EDDM

b) Portrait

Portrait EDDM

c) Folded Postcard

You can only fold 8.5” x 11″ and 11”×17″ brochures.


Tips To Design Successful EDDM Campaign

→ Research Your Target Audience

For any marketing strategy to work, you need to first research your target audience. For that go through your data, conduct surveys, and trial campaigns.

→ Check If EDDM Is The Best Choice For Company

If you know your target audience and want to reach out to them effectively, then EDDM is a perfect choice.

→ Be On Point With Your Message

The message that you put on your postcard should be precise. Although you mean to target a specific group of people, the message shouldn’t eliminate others.

→ Attractive Design Layout

A good design layout of a postcard can generate curiosity amongst the audience. Choosing the right color, font size, and graphics creates a winning postcard layout.

→ Add Your Company Details

All the effort will go down the drain if you forget to add your company details. Add your company’s address, phone number, email id, and social media links.

Top EDDM Examples of Small Businesses

1. Carpet Cleaning EDDM

Carpet Cleaning EDDM

2. Steam Carpet Cleaning EDDM

Steam Carpet Cleaning EDDM

3. All Services Pricing & Offers EDDM

All Services Pricing & Offers EDDM

4. Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services EDDM

Sanitizing & Disinfecting Services EDDM

5. Air Duct Cleaning EDDM

Air Duct Cleaning EDDM

6. Pet Odor Removal EDDM

Pet Odor Removal EDDM

7. Upholstery Cleaning EDDM

Upholstery Cleaning EDDM

8. Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

9. Tile And Grout Cleaning EDDM

Tile And Grout Cleaning EDDM

10. Before & After Cleaning EDDM

Before & After Cleaning EDDM

11. Hardwood Floor Cleaning EDDM

Hardwood Floor Cleaning EDDM

EDDM Makes Promoting Business Easy & Effortless

As a business owner, you are always on the lookout for ways you can connect with your clients and introduce them to your small business. So, that you can provide them with discount codes or other offers. Here, EDDM is the key that can give what you need to launch and take your business to the next level.

If you need help to get access to more clients and increase your sales for scaling your business, contact RLMA Services in Las Vegas. We conceptualize, design, print, and post your mail following all the USPS guidelines. For all your marketing queries, call us today and let us help you make your business successful.

Written By <a href="https://rlmaservices.com/author/chris/" target="_self">Chris Yadv</a>

Written By Chris Yadv

Entrepreneur & have expertise in organic SEO, Branding, and Social Media Marketing. Helping carpet cleaners, roofers, and medium-sized businesses to increase sales and provide them with the brand image. If you are looking to learn digital marketing techniques to grow your business, must subscribe to our website (Branding Marketing Agency).