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December 12, 2022
By RLMA Services

How To Build An Effective LinkedIn Company Page?

How To Build An Effective LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is often considered a “professional platform” that is generally used for finding a job or sharing your achievements. But LinkedIn is a great tool for your business too.

Around 57 million businesses are already on this platform, it is a great opportunity for you to bring your business in front of professionals. It serves as a platform for gaining an understanding of your brand and must be effective enough to get better outputs. People connect with thousands of audiences every day on LinkedIn.

If you are about to start with LinkedIn, here are some great tips on how to build an effective LinkedIn company page.

How To Start LinkedIn Company Page

You can create a LinkedIn business page with your personal account. If you don’t have a personal LinkedIn account here are the steps to create that.

How To Build A LinkedIn Personal Account

Step 1:  visit www.linkedin.com

Step 2:  Add your login details like e-mail and password and then click on “Sign in”.

How To Build A Linkedin Personal Account 

Step 3: Now add your first name and last name to continue further.

add your first name and last name to your linkedin profile

Step 4: Next, add your country and city name where you are living right now.

add your country and city name in your LinkedIn profile

Step 5: Now you are ready to set up a new LinkedIn business account

How To Set Up A Linkedin Business Account

Step 1: Log in to your account and click on the work icon.

Step 2: On the right, a window will appear, scroll and click on “Create a Company Page.”

Create a Company Page

Step 3: Options for small businesses, and medium to large size businesses, will be provided. Pick one option according to your type of business.

Create a LinkedIn page

Step 4: Fill in all the details about your company and profile. Here, you can also include a logo for your company.

Fill in all the details about your company and profile

Step 5: Click on the “Create Page” option, and that’s it. You are now prepared to publish content and make your business page stand out.

8 Effective Strategies To Optimize Your Linkedin Business Page

Choose the correct profile picture and cover photo

The profile picture and cover photo on your profile are the face of your business on LinkedIn. They help people recognize your business. It will serve as a professional representation of your business. Additionally, it will make you appear unique and fascinating.

You can use your business logo as a profile picture. But make sure it is of high quality and visible to your viewers. You can include your contact details and products or services on the cover image as shown in the below picture.

Strategies To Optimize Your Linkedin Business Page 

Add important keywords in the summary

Adding necessary keywords to the summary will help your page stand out. The summary is something that shows immediately beneath the name, and therefore the keywords there should be distinctive, competitive, significant, and passionate. People will perceive your brand based on the terms you use, so choose them carefully.

Use keywords in the summary section because people search using these keywords which will help your page to stand out and will be displayed to those who used those terms in their search.

For instance, check out the summary of a cleaning service provider in the below image. They have included the “commercial cleaning service provider” keyword in their summary which will help them stand out when someone searches for that keyword.

Add important keywords in LinkedIn summary

Information in the “About Us” section

Provide accurate and detailed information in the “about us” section about projects and products that demonstrate how well and effectively you provide services to your clients.

Describe the significance of your business on things other than work, your company’s belief in customer value and satisfaction, and how your products or services can be beneficial to your customers.

The image below explains the information you must include in the “about us” section. As demonstrated, include relevant and useful information about your IT Consulting Company that will help users understand your objectives. Focus on the keywords and provide accurate and engaging information in this section.

About us section of linkedIn

Connect and engage with people

The most crucial thing is to increase your connections and be aware of global business discussions. Connect with as many people as you can but make sure they are meaningful connections for your business. Your company page will grow as a result, and more people will be able to relate to you and learn about your business.

Connecting with different audiences will help you understand their needs and reviews about your business. Connecting with the audience will get you better clients for your company and eventually boost its growth.

It is not sufficient to only send a request for connecting. You can expand your network more quickly by writing personalized messages while sending connection requests.

By leaving thoughtful and intelligent comments on LinkedIn posts, you can draw attention to your page. Participate actively and add appropriate comments to the user’s post.

Share meaningful and knowledgeable content

Share some meaningful posts and content which acknowledge people. Sharing important information can also keep individuals interested and involved. Maintain a specific format for your content and post following the tactics.

Posting will connect more with the audience and will let them know about the products or services you offer. Share eye-catching graphics and thoughtful videos based on your industry on your company page to draw viewers to your content.

Check out how this cleaning business page has shared some cleaning tips in the form of an infographic.

Share meaningful and knowledgeable content 

You can also share posts on job openings at your business. Keep an eye on your page to make sure you are sharing relevant content that is helpful to your users.

Reply to the comments on the posts. This will help people to know your point of view. Add some positive comments to the posts from which people can get inspired by your thoughts.

Join community or groups

Try joining more communities and groups. Joining the community or a group will increase your identity and growth. Engage in the discussions and maintain contact with the communities and groups.

Join community or groups

Share more thoughtful and valuable content in the community so that members of the group will notice your page more and eventually increase your followers. Help people in the community or a group by giving them excellent guidance and thoughtful ideas. This will help you gain credibility and reputation.

Posting regularly on LinkedIn

Share attractive and creative posts, videos, and documents regularly. LinkedIn has provided various features, use them to grow your page. This will keep the audience engaged and entertained.

Engage your followers as much as you can. Ultimately, they will notice your page more on the feed, which will lead to more likes, comments, and followers. Make your posts attractive in the form of videos, images, documents, infographics, and memes, and also make them creative and eye-catchy with the help of engaging descriptions.

Use LinkedIn’s different features

LinkedIn has made a ton of capabilities available to help in the growth and development of your page. Endorsements in LinkedIn, skills, video meetings, you can also keep a cover story in LinkedIn, and more features are available. These are the crucial features that enable your company page to develop, establish connections with more individuals, and stand out.


Write a meaningful and relatable headline. The headline should be related to your business and it should be an introduction of yourself to the corporate world. It should be eye-catchy and easy to remember.

Because the people visiting your profile will notice your headline. They should be able to relate to your headline and find a reason to engage with your company.

LinkedIn cover story

The cover story of different people can help to know each other well. A cover story is more than just a story because it expands the vision and gives us an introduction to other personalities. You can see other people’s perspectives and opinions on a particular subject.

LinkedIn video meetings

LinkedIn facilitates networking and can schedule meetings for professionals. By using LinkedIn video calls, people can now connect and conduct their meetings online easily.


Event coordinators can invite their connections. Events are a very useful feature because you can stream a live event on LinkedIn, and for that, you just have to fill out one application form. The event managers can manage and inform attendees about the event updates easily by using this feature.


The newsletter is a collection of important information that is uploaded regularly on LinkedIn. Newsletters on LinkedIn help to increase your connections, expand audience knowledge, and add value to your page. Users will receive a notification to subscribe to the newsletter. You can also add details like sales and discounts.


Hashtags can increase the views on your post. Provide information about your post which will increase the reach. Your post will be displayed on that particular hashtag page, and if someone searches for that hashtag, they can see your content, and if they like it, they will connect with you, ultimately increasing your network.


It is quite challenging for small businesses to get organic traffic on their posts and this is where the promotion feature of LinkedIn helps you. By running paid ad campaigns on LinkedIn you can reach a larger audience with minimum effort.

Summing up

LinkedIn is a social media platform where people connect, find jobs, and share their achievements. But Linkedin is also one of the helpful tools for growing your business.

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Written By RLMA Services