Professional Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM Postcards) Design & Mail Service

Get More Business By Reaching Out To Potential Customers!

It’s a known fact that close to 90% of your customers come from within your 5-mile radius. So let us at RLMA Services, help you reach out to your potential clients for you via EDDM postcards. You just have to select the USPS mailing route and zip code (s) to get hold of the intended audience.

Since 85% people read or scan their mails daily. So, this is a perfect opportunity for you to expand your client base. In case you want to create awareness or introduce new cleaning services, EDDM is the best way to do it.


Why Do You Need EDDM?

EDDM is a cheap, fast and effective way to reach out to target clients and increase sales. You can announce openings, new products, services or just create brand awareness through EDDM. Plus, you can add in discount coupons and offers to get better results.

Residential Marketing EDDM

Choose from various EDDM’s which are a perfect fit for your services and we also have All-In-One Package too. Check out the pricing.

EDDM Design Option Mockup

EDDM Design Options?

EDDM can be of two types: single-sided or double-sided. Additionally, the design option depends on what message you want to convey to the audience. For example, the design of EDDM for introducing discount offers will be different from a new service range for cleaning services.

Why Choose RLMA Services?

Stunning Designs

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What Is The Turnaround Time?

Once the designers at RLMA Services have all the client information, we can design and mail the postcards within 3-5 days. This time also includes revisions from the clients.

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